Border arrangements

As I’m hoping my classes will be entering group border quilts in shows next year, I decided to make one too. I made a trip to Crafts and Quilts in Southport to collect a yard of Stoff solid navy, great click and collect service. Its coming together nicely.

Folded Star cushion block

I’m all prepped for next weeks Zoom class. I’ve forgotten how easy this folded star is to make. All the work is in the preparation. You can use Christmas fabric but mine is a present so want it to blend in the room. Message me if you want more information or to join in.

Ongoing borders Seminole style

My border quilt is coming along slowly, some days I can’t summon any sewing energy. I wanted to include a traditional Seminole design and have used 5 central strips to give the border a strong effect.

5 central strips cut at 2inch , outside strips 2.5 inch.
Slices 2 inch wide, moved up one segment and pieced
Angled at 45 degrees, top and bottom points trimmed . Just end segments to add.

Design wall fun

My learning style means I need to see how a piece will work and having a design wall is something I couldn’t manage without. I’m playing with Churn Dash, a traditional nine Patch block but reversing segments and finding new patterns where the blocks overlap.

Blocks all pieced and now to quilt. I know many people get anxious at this stage but I love how new patterns can be created by focusing or centring on one spot. I love using Westalee rulers especially for circles. I marked the middle of the blue square and sewed 6 inch circles from there.

Churn Dash block
Overlapping circles
I’m using the 12 inch arc ruler in the area where the blocks meet

Babies galore

Our family has a rush of babies to brighten our days. First quilt is winging it’s way today.

Four Jacob’s ladders, quilted with Westalee rulers and a little free motion.

Border fun.

I’m really enjoying playing with Seminole style borders on my “holiday”. I’m choosing some regular patterns and adding to them . Not quite freestyle but it’s fun.

Delectable mountains

Note to self, dont start laying mixed segments out then go for a walk! Mega unpicking and change to finished arrangement necessary.

5 inch squares, half square triangles, trim to 4.5 . Slice up 1.5 inch.
Remember to cut alternative block on opposite diagonal and shuffle
This is not the time to take a break!

Wednesday improvers

Another stressful week with restrictions changing by the day. Fortunately our classes are excempt and my lovely ladies stepped up and we had a great session. Border samples are growing and scrappy quilts are edging toward completion. I feel safer in class than I do in the shops!

Seminole borders

I’m treating this week as a holiday so decided to play with a variety of Seminole patterns. I’ve dug out a selection of William Morris prints which will either clash badly or make a mash up of styles.

First strip done, needs a contrast on both edges.
Outer strips 2.5 inches, centre 1.5.
2.5 wide dominoes
I’m deciding what to do next, watch this soace