Applique techniques and a nod to Trapunto Quilting

Here are 4 videos showing several different techniques used for applique which can then be quilted in a Trapunto style. I will be teaching this in two classes in September, hope you can join me.

I then quilted the entire piece using two thicknesses of wadding then cutting away all but the featured areas of the clouds and the boat.

I then added a third piece of wadding and sewed again around the featured areas and free motioned the background areas.

Catch Up and Complete

Today I had the first of the summer catch up sessions. We had borders, foundation piecing kimonos, off centre log cabin and even a prototype for a quilt I’m designing for Woodlands hospice. Great to see people who are now venturing out.

Tessellation quilting

While Mollie Moxie is staying with me, I want to quilt as many pieces as possible to showcase what she can do. Many of us struggle with the last stage of making a quilt which is why I’ve invested in Mollie and along with Diane , want to teach longarm quilting so you can rent time on her and quilt with confidence .

I used rulers for this one

Machine free embroidery

Last week we had a special visit from Sue McCormack who has previously been joining us via Zoom. She brought her kimono tessellation hanging do we could see her beautiful embroidery. Sue explained the technique and allowed us all to enjoy her amazing work.

Cherry blossom tree
Koi carp
Glenda produced this beautiful conifer tree , just lovely
Lesley has finished quilting all her crazy blocks, all ready to sash together

Last Improvers plus session.

After what seems the shortest term, we had the last session today before our summer break. We all tried free motioning spirals, Greek keys and letters. I was so impressed and proud of everyone ‘s work. We discussed projects for the autumn as well as our border quilt

Evening class back together

Almost full attendance tonight which was fantastic. So lovely to listen to the chatter and laughter, just what we need. On top of that, there were some fantastic quilting exercises to enjoy.

Beautiful kimono tessellation piece.

The free motioners have got their rocks on.

We had couple of tricky free motion exercises to try today and like seasoned experts, everyone had a go and pulled them off. Then they set them aside and carried on with their own work. What a great bunch of women.

Even the alphabet!!
Flowers, such talent
How lovely is this?
Just the sashings to do now
When your first quilt is this good, I predict happy times ahead

More free motion work

I don’t know why a switch suddenly moves and free motion work flows.  It is so satisfying to watch people who have been patchworking for years or are new to the craft, become fluid in the movement and produce lovely shapes and patterns.

Free motion exercises

All classes will be joining in the free motion exercises as part of the regular sessions. We still have our Zoom participants joining in from home. I’m really happy with everyone’s work, well done ladies.

They had to fill a 6 inch square, one inch at a time. Any shape or design, just go for it and they did.