Laundry bags for NHS workers

I read that NHS staff needed bags for their uniforms which can be loaded into the washing machine without removing the clothing. I’ve made a batch this morning using old pillow slips by folding over the top and adding a drawstring. Next I found a stack of my dads old shirts so I’ve cut the yoke and sleeves off and simply sewn across the top and bottom leaving the button front ready for the wash load. I’m sending this batch to the Royal Liverpool Hospital but please copy my idea and send bags to anyone you know working anywhere in the NHS.

My daughter might remember the pillow slips.

Westalee on Winterlillies

I bought a set of Westalee Spin E Fex 10 templates and I’m trying them out on my Winterlillies quilt. It is quite heavy so I’m taking breaks and making facemasks for my milk lady, postie and comfy bus driver as well as my mum and her elderly neighbours.

Delectable Mountains

This is a very traditional block, sometimes called Buzz Saw, and can be used in many variations. For our border quilts, it can be used as a single row or doubled up and arranged face to face. You can change the size of the initial square to make the block bigger or smaller. It is very effective for adding movement into a quilt. Choose a strong contrast between sky and mountain.

Delectable Mountains 1

Winterlillies quilting

I’m planning to use Westalee spin-e-fex 10 series of rulers to quilt my version of Nicola Dodds Winterlillies piece. This is the centre four blocks which I will repeat across the whole quilt. Not sure how I will finish the sashing so keep watching.

Labyrinth Walk hanging

I bought this pattern several years ago so I’m taking this enforced isolation to work on the thick folder of projects I’ve been wanting to try. It is tricky to piece and there was quite a bit of reverse stitching but I like it as a wall hanging . I used Westalee rulers to sew the straight lines and free motioned the light grey areas.

Dresden plate block

I’ve sewn 12 segments together, topstiched onto backing and quilted with two echo lines.Might add some frames and make a cushion cover of it.

Dresden Plate Tutorial

As promised, here is the first video for Dresden Plate technique. You can use this for our class quilts as a full circle or halves . The tutorial is aimed at the people who are usually at my regular patchwork classes but anyone can watch and join in. Please send me your versions or ask any questions you have. I will train the cameraman not to wander off and make sure the next video shows all of the demo space.

Labyrinth panel

I bought the pattern for Labyrinth Walk from the Guilty Quilter about 3 years ago and finally decided to make it for myself. Not an easy project so I’ve opted for a panel of three instead to hang on a bare wall. Not sure how I will quilt it so watch this space.