Exhibition week

Not many photos today as I did a demonstration for landscape bargello then everyone was busy finishing pieces for Waterloo Quilters exhibition starting on Friday at St Helens Church Hall, Crosby. I will be so proud to see our work on display. Come and pay a visit.

How effective is this
How many ways can you position Jacob’s Ladder blocks?
Winter Lillies on the way

Busy week

Some weeks serm to stretch on and on while others like the one disappear in a flash. It started on Sunday at Uttoxeter show which was lovely, our quilts looked great. Wednesday and Thursdays classes brought beautiful jellyroll quilts and great attempts at quilting exercises.

Uttoxeter show

After a wait of two years, our three border quilts plus three individual pieces were finally hanging at the British Quilt and Stitch show at Uttoxeter.I felt like a proud mother hen. Well done everyone.

Daisy chain

Only one photo today of a lovely daisy chain which as a first quilt is fantastic. We layered up lots of pieces today, discussed quilting threads, new needles and where we would quilt our pieces. So much sharing. Then we had a visit from Jenny Anderson who is taking all our quilts to the Uttoxeter show, she loved seeing all our work and made lovely comments which from Jenny is praise indeed.

Support for Ukraine

I don’t believe in pushing my own political beliefs but when I heard one of my friends is sponsoring an extended Ukranian family with several small children, I opened my class WhatsApp groups and appealed for quilts. I know my ladies are the most compassionate and within hours quilts began to arrive at my house with many offers of more to come. I decided to use a panel featuring Noahs ark and quilt on Mollie Moxie , Diane agreed its the least we can do. I’ve attached a little video to enjoy.

Westalee Quilting Ruler beginner and refresher workshop.

It’s been two long years with no Westalee classes so I’ve arranged a full day on 21st May at Sing Plus community centre,  Waterloo,  Merseyside.  10am-4pm . Cost is £60. A Westalee starter set is essential and is available from The Cotton Patch. Full requirements will be sent on confirmation of payment. Places are strictly limited to 8 so please message me to reserve a place in for more information. This day is also suitable for those wanting to refresh their skills.

Unbounded creativity

I was fizzing today as the paperwork has arrived for our border quilts going to the Uttoxeter show. It was all go getting binding and hanging sleeve in place as well as seeing an amazing array of jellyroll pieces coming together. Energy levels were high and fun was bouncing around the room .

Playing around with layout is part of the fun
Love the contrasting stars
Nine patch variation
Binding going on the group quilt
Friendship braid
Christmas in March
More nine patch variation
And here’s the evening class border quilt on Mollie all ready for finishing tomorrow