More unfinished pieces uncovered.

Like everyone else, I’ve found myself with time on my hands and decided to sort out my stash and colour store it , tick. Pull out projects I’ve been waiting to try, tick and now decide whether to finish long forgotten projects or consign them to the recycle bin.

I bought this Japanese boxes cushion cover 5 years ago at the spring Malvern show and made a mistake piecing it. Time to sort it methinks.

Preparing to quilt

These three videos were made to supplement the Zoom scrappy quilt sessions but please have a look as some tips may help.

Trojan horses

I have made this quilt for my new grandson, I’ve quilted using free motion on the white background and parallel lines to resemble wood on the horses. The blue ones have an unquilted square to represent the hatch for the hidden men. It will be gifted this weekend and hopefully enjoyed for many years.

Design wall fun

I am a visual learner and can’t manage without a design wall when arranging work or auditioning fabric for a project. It doesn’t have to be anything special, a sheet hung from a door or a length of wadding work just as well. This will be the scrappy half square triangle piece I’m making with my Wednesday Zoom groups. I haven’t decided on the centre square yet, will wait and see what is missing when I’ve laid all the squares out.

Zoom class preparation

The stage is set ready for my first Wednesday Zoom classes tomorrow, I’ve had a lesson in using the technology so fingers crossed it all works well. It’s not too late to join me, send a message for more information. First class at 10am, repeated at 7pm.

Twist and Turn Bargello

I chose a book by Eileen Wright as my favourite in a Zoom group I’ve been part of for the last 12 weeks. I decided to make a tricky one while I have time on my hands and it didn’t disappoint. Eileen lives on Vancouver Island and I should have been flying there next weekend so it feels quite poignant to choose one of her designs. I still have to decide how I will quilt it but there’s no rush.

Think it needs a little border or maybe a flange!

Jelly Roll Lap Quilt

I love a jelly roll and this pattern is definitely my favourite, I must have made at least 12, they make great presents. Using different background fabric affects the personality of the quilt even using the same jelly roll.

Bargello Audition

A zoom group I’m in had to nominate a favourite book each, quilting related, I chose Eileen Wright Twist and Turn Bargello and then realised I have never made any of the quilts in the book. Well if this is not a good time to start one, I don’t when is. First I need to choose 20 fabrics in shades of one colour family. Quite hard when I only have my stash to choose from so I’m mixing plains and patterns and see how they go together . I’ve cut one strip from 10 fabrics and put them on the design wall. I then photographed them in colour and black and white to see if I’ve got the shading right. Once I’m happy with the arrangement, I will repeat with the second batch of 10.

Garden Exhibition

I’ve finished a pretty scrappy quilt I started about 6 years ago which has lived in the back of a cupboard and comes out on rare occasions to have a border added when I’m teaching them. The centre was designed by Jan Hassard. I’ve quilted it using Westalee Spin E Fex 10 and 12 inch arc rulers. The other quilts have all been made during lockdown.

The chair quilts are all new, the bed quilts were made 7 years ago using fabric from Michigan , the blue one features blueberries which are the state fruit of Michigan the other quilt is civil war reproduction fabric in a pattern designed Louisa M Alcott the author of Little Women

Shades and colour exercises

A Zoom group I’m in are playing with shades and tones which really takes me back to basics, that is never a bad thing. I’m inspired to finally quilt this scrappy piece which is also made of half square triangles.

Those who know me, know I love a simple technique done well.