Remembrance poppy

It was a brilliant suggestion from Paula B to make a remembrance poppy window hanging. We used freezer paper for foundation piecing then raw edge appliqued the poppy onto a quilted background. Mine is going to my mum for her apartment door.

Migrating geese

I have been talking about changing the personality of a piece of work and I think this border on the scrappy lockdown quilt, really demonstrates it. It is finally growing on me.

Skeins of geese

I have been shamed into working on borders for my lockdown scrappy quilt. As it was an exercise in colour values, I have decided to use migrating geese moving across darkening skies. So,some order for those who hated scrappiness.

Wednesday Improvers

Following another stressful week with changing restrictions, we had a great class and my ladies stepped up and we all felt safer than in the shops! Border samples and scrappy quilts are growing and nearing completion .

Quillow by design

The inspirational Jayne of Plain Creations has a growing collection of quilt designs, have a look @plaincreations. I’m using her Granny Stars to make a pouch for a Quillow. Also because the delightful Paula Buckley is seldom wrong, orange is the answer.

Progress and planning

This evening the class made huge progress with pre lockdown projects and plans for future border quilts. Everyone remains so supportive of each other and I thank them all.

Settling in

After last weeks sudden changes to regulations,  I feared classes would be affected but we are ok and as one wise woman, Ann, reminded me ” it will settle down”. I am so grateful for everyone’s support and how you are getting on with beautiful work.

Second class back and all is well

The evening class has moved to Thursday so we can have the big room and we expanded to fill the space. I can relax and enjoy being together now. Thank you everyone for being so careful and considerate to each other. Let’s get on and do what we love.

First post lockdown class

I was very emotional this morning welcoming everyone back , I apologise for being too bossy but I promise to calm down. It was lovely to see so many lockdown projects and discuss ideas for the next one. We are looking at making quillows or reading bag quilts as well as a group border quilt for next years shows. Here are a taster of todays work.